Chocolate and strawberries for a pretty face

“The face is the most important accessory which in itself will bring the rest of our lives, it is important to carefully protect and nurture”

Fruits play a major role on the embellishment of our face, but also the feeling of wellness of the whole organism, for that reason we will show the effectiveness of different strawberries and chocolate on your skin.

Strawberry smoothie- for skin without redness and acne.

Mix cold milk, one cup of strawberries, two frozen bananas and juice of one lime.

Strawberries are rich in compounds that help the delicate skin more quickly get rid of the redness. Citrus taste of the lime will help to increase the freshness of your face, while the bananas will prevent the sun to create freckles on your face. This combination will help the nutrients to penetrate deep into your pores and allow the skin to breathe.

While drinking the strawberry smoothie , do yourself a mask of strawberries and enjoy the dual effect of this incredible fruit mix

The role of the chocolate beauty- external and internal

Chocolate is a delicious pleasure that has a direct impact on our weight. But the effect that it has on our mind and body in a completely moderation is excellent. Chocolate in our oral cavity activated compounds that activate endorphins – the hormone of happiness, which translated would mean -chocolate makes us happy and satisfied. The skin has a softening and relaxing effect.

In summer to hydrate your skin after sunbathing and skin peeling, brush the chocolate mask on the surface of your body.

If you notice peeling your face, then we recommend that you do face mask with chocolate and mud.

If you have irritation and sunburn on the skin we do not recommend the use of cosmetics and makeup, but to use creams based on chamomile to reduce irritation, because after burning skin tends to become rough and dry and you normally would not want it to happen to you.